I Am Husson Aurelien

SysAdmin & Network

Who I am ?


I am French and have extensive international experience in system and network administrator, public and private cloud deployment, storage .... I have worked in France and Vietnam.
I also specialized in security and open source alternatives for better protection of corporate data and privacy.



Purchase of hardware and custom computer configuration, repair, need a tablet or any other tool, according to my own advice.


The system infected with a virus, or the need to install a new system, an anti-virus capable of solving various dangers on the Internet or various devices.


Need firewall, switch, wifi, video streaming, proxy, VPN and many other services on demand.


You want to host a website, a blog. The choice of the hosting solution for your site, blog ... from configuration to installation.

Need to contact me ?

Individual or business in need of a consulting service? it's this way and just click on the logo.


I also recommend sending emails in an encrypted way with PGP  


Element is decentralized and secured by the matrix network, it's like Microsoft Teams but more secure.


Or contact me with Linkedin.

Recommendation or Partner

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Hector Try

Hector Try is a French brand, lover of streetwear fashion, sportwear, sport but also elegance and refined, casual chic.


Acquiring the Vietnamese language will allow you to fully understand the culture and traditions of this country.

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