I am 

Sysadmin & Network

Who I am ?

I am French and have extensive international experience in system and network administrator, public and private cloud deployment, storage .... I have worked in France and Vietnam.
I also specialized in security and open source alternatives for better protection of corporate data and privacy.
For 3 years, I created a micro company and worked in a Data Center such as the Ikoula company and an AAMSET IT service provider.

I am specialized in :


Purchase of hardware and custom computer configuration, repair, need a tablet or any other tool, according to my own advice.


The system infected with a virus, or the need to install a new system, an anti-virus capable of solving various dangers on the Internet or various devices.


Need firewall, switch, wifi, video streaming, proxy, VPN and many other services on demand.


You want to host a website, a blog. The choice of the hosting solution for your site, blog ... from configuration to installation.

Need a IT consultant   ?

Individual or business you need advice, purchase, realization, repair ...


Virus, repair, installation is always a problem! And I am here to find a solution for you !

Update your hardware !

Slow wifi, slow network, no camera, wiring problem etc ... it can quickly become a problem! And we will solve this problem !

Help Sysadmin !

The emails fall into spam, the website is slow, my fleet is infected! no worries I'm here for that no ?

Contact :

+33 0786526327
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